Narratives in Dance

Narratives In Dance

This website sits a place for artists to share their practice through a range of traditional and non-traditional interview techniques. As such it is doorway using interviews to look from outside into the lived experiences of artists’ practices.

About- Connections: Narratives in Dance practice

Dance Artists are introduced to one another to engage in a process of exchanging their dance narratives (the story of their path). Each artist will take the time to create an artistic response to the other’s story.  Responses are then submitted to the Narratives in Dance website. Responses can be choreography, film, photo-stories, written interviews…

Artists listening to each other’s histories / telling our communal stories.

These interpretations of the other’s story could be in any of the forms mentioned above, or any other creative mediums you can imagine. These responses will recognise their practice and their past as a dance artist. The artist’s partner can view their interpretations on this website which collects Narratives in Dance.


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This event is being set up to support each other within the artistic community, to recognise each other and to share support within the creative industry community. The process is about fellow artists acknowledging each other and the value of each other’s work. ‘Other’, non-mainstream, non-Eurocentric, innovative thinking and art practices are extremely interesting from an artistic point of view, however, quite often do not appear in the mainstream public eye. This is often the way with art, many famous valued art pieces that are considered highly intellectual and valuable do not gain this status for many years (that’s why we have decided not to wait to recognise each other!!).


Events connected to this project:

This Roundtable sharing event, where multiple pairs of artists will come together and share the stories of their artistic practice at present, and the path they have taken to get to where they are now, will take place at One Dance UK’s Re:Generations, Lowry, Salford between  November the 7th to the 9th, 2019.

Please get in touch if you are interested in being a part of this eye-opening sharing event!